Here are four different examples of my work in Flash. Click on the picture and then wait for the Flash movie to load in the window.


Matrix Reloaded Trailer
-a short trailer done in Flash, with help from Adobe Photoshop.


Lord of the Flies interface
-a sample interface with a Lord of the Flies theme. There is no content, just a fancy interface. It runs best on a computer with a fast processor as it's graphically intensive. It will also take awhile to load as it's over a megabyte in size.


-a crazy asteroids-like game I made in Flash. It's more of an exercise in Zen than gameplaying since you can't die and you can't kill anything.


-a Flash movie that lets you navigate between some of my creepier photos. May take awhile to load.


-a Flash intro for a web services firm.


Online Dating
-a soft and sweet Flash intro for an online dating service.



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