This is the Home Page for The Center For Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment. We are committed to finding a way to end child abuse through community involvement, family support, education and treatment.

Please click on the Hotline button if you are in urgent need about information concerning the prevention of child abuse or what to do in its aftermath.

The Center for Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment was founded in 1993 by four social workers with more than forty years' experience in the child abuse field. The founders, board members and staff believe that child abuse can be stopped. Research and field testing of programs from across the country show us what will work. It takes the resolves of the entire community to stop child abuse.

The Center works with existing agencies with the community to enhance programs, expand key components, and provide needed services. The Center looks forward to the day when all children are safe with their families and are nurtured to develop and grow to their potential.

The Center is a non-profit organization that gratefully accepts contributions to support prevention, education and sliding fee scale programming. Fees for service support most of the consultation and therapy services.

Support has been provided by the Minneapolis Police Department, the Sheltering Arms Foundation, the McKnight Foundation, corporate and community sources, and numerous individual contributors.



The Center for Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment
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